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At Bar2 we have 20 years of experience working with Recruiters/Employers and Contractors. It means we’ve managed to get right under the skin of the needs on both sides of the equation. We’ve also seen a lot of change in regulation, so it means we know payroll and payroll law inside out. Simply put, we know it, so you don’t have to.

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Recruiters and Employers

Our tools help you onboard and pay staff in a fully compliant way. On-time, every time and in a hassle-free way.

Recruiters and employers



We provide onboarding tools, umbrella payroll services, expenses portals as well as dedicated multi-lingual personal support to help guide you through tax and immigration requirements.


How we helped M2 Resourcing grow

  • Faster recruitment and onboarding
  • Widened the recruitment pool geographically
  • Reduced admin burden
  • Increased contractor retention
  • Increased contracting figures
  • Reduced training requirement as no need to employ an internal payroll and compliance team

"Partnering with Bar2 is like having my own payroll and compliance team without the hassle of hiring, training, and mentoring. Trusting Bar2 with my payroll and compliance means that I’m free from tasks beyond my expertise, and am able to focus on business growth and success.”

Chris Kelly, Managing Director at M2 Resourcing

How we helped Carro Recruitment increase retention

  • Increase in contractor satisfaction
  • Reduced turnover, onboarding admin and costs
  • Reduced time spent handling any contractor queries

“Working with Bar2 has made the day to day running of my business to be a lot smoother. With recruitment being so time-consuming, it’s super helpful having Bar2 there to deal with all aspects of contractor handling. Whether it’s explaining a product or addressing any contractor queries , I can rest assured that my contractors are satisfied with the service provided by Bar2!”

Matthew Lowman, Director at Carro Recruitment 

How we helped Intermarine make efficiencies

  • Reduced training requirement as no need to employ an internal payroll processing team
  • Reduced admin burden
  • Save costs involved with hiring an internal payroll team

"Thanks to Bar2, I’ve avoided the need to establish my own payroll processing department. With considerations such as pensions, payslips and opt-outs in mind, I would have had to recruit at least two additional team members. 

Leveraging Bar2 has resulted in a notable decrease in administrative tasks and substantial cost savings compared to the alternative of hiring additional staff."

Steve Warrick, Finance, HR and Business Manager at Intermarine