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Onboarding contractors and setting up payroll can be a headache for anyone. That’s why our expert led contractor payroll service manages the whole process for you, on-time, with care and in a fully compliant way.

Benefits of Bar2 Contractor payroll

  • Simple remote onboarding
  • Pay contractors in minutes
  • Automated AI Wage query resolution
  • Multi-lingual support staff
  • Modern Slavery Safeguarding
  • Contractor expenses portal
  • Expert agency workers regulation advice
  • Higher contractor satisfaction and retention
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Short on time?

Uncover the benefits and features of Bar2 Contractor Payroll in our short video overview.

Bar2 Contractor Payroll benefits and features

"Given the multitude of responsibilities on my plate, I find it hugely valuable being able to delegate tasks to those of capable hands."

"As recruitment demands significant time and effort, leaving our contractor payroll to the Bar2 team has proven to be incredibly helpful. From tackling contractor queries to ensuring seamless and compliant onboarding, I can relax knowing that you've got my contractor's payroll fully covered."

Matthew Lowman, Director at Carro Recruitment

Bar2 for Recruiters and Employers

What makes Bar2 contractor payroll different

  • Dedicated phone contact – Providing a personal service with genuine answers to the most frustrating questions to ensure excellent recruiter and contractor experience.
  • Market leading technology – Giving efficient and immediate solutions to daily tasks.
  • Speedy resolutions – Our systems have been designed to provide same day pay corrections or payment within minutes.
  • Ongoing contractor support – Our support doesn’t begin or end with payroll, so our dedicated team are always on hand to assist with tax, immigration support and more to ensure contractor satisfaction.

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IR35 assessments

In out, in out, shake it all about. Sometimes for a simple answer the questions can seem quite complex. We have experts with experience of where roles lie, and clear IR35 checks to give you black and white answers. So, leave it to us and avoid the dancing about.

IR35 assessments

Outsourced payroll

Payroll is probably the single most important task for any business, it’s why we all go to work after all. But ensuring it’s correct, on time and by the book is no mean feat, and it’s also rarely where your own time is best spent. Our payroll bureau services take care of the whole process for you.

Outsourced payroll