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We have specialists in each product area. So, if you’re a recruitment company looking for certainty with IR35 assessments, a business looking to outsource your whole payroll system, or a contractor looking for umbrella payroll services, you know we’re all over it.

Contractor payroll solutions

Hiring contractors can be complex, by utilising our contractor payroll service, our team will support both yourself and your latest placement; with general advice, onboarding, payment, compliance and legislative services. That’s a fair few things you don’t have to worry about anymore. 

Contractor Payroll

IR35 Assessments

In out, in out, shake it all about. Sometimes for a simple answer the questions can seem quite complex. We have experts with experience of where roles lie, and clear assessments to give you black and white answers. So, leave it to us and avoid the dancing about.

IR35 Assessments

Outsourced payroll

Payroll is probably the single most important task for any business, it’s why we all go to work after all. But ensuring it’s correct, on time and by the book is no mean feat, and it’s also rarely where your own time is best spent. Our outsourced payroll solutions take care of the whole process for you.

Outsourced payroll

Why choose Bar2?

  • Automated AI wage query resolution
  • Both online and phone-line support
  • Simple remote onboarding
  • Dedicated personal service
  • Pay contractors in minutes
  • Invoices within 1 hour
  • Same day pay corrections
  • Multi-lingual support staff
  • Immigration support
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"The Bar2 team treat me like I'm their biggest client"

"There have been times when I’ve required the team's support outside of regular hours, and without fail, they’ve been on hand to support my needs. Any challenge is no challenge once you get on the phone to Bar2."

Matthew Lowman, Director at Carro Recruitment

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"Contractors paid on time, every time"

"Arron consistently goes the extra mile to address any contractor queries, and ensure they're kept well-informed about their payments. Making certain that contractors are not just paid, but paid happily, shows his true commitment to our team's success."

Chris Kelly, Managing Director at M2 Resourcing

"Really great, strong team"

"I'm continually impressed by the efficiency of the registration process for workers. It's always a swift and seamless experience, and any issues that arise are promptly and effectively resolved."

Charlotte Dempsey, Driving Manager at Ultimate Recruitment

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Compliance benefits

  • Supply chain due diligence - Ensures your supply of labour is legitimate
  • Humans rights due diligence - Software monitors the legitimacy of documents
  • Alert system - Notifies our team of suspicious activity e.g. multiple employees living in the same residence or receiving funds into the same bank account. 
  • Key information documentation - Software quickly builds contractor and assignment-specific documents.
  • Criminal finance act - Bar2 exhaustively vet our supply chain to eliminate tax evasion penalty risk
  • Right to work – Tech based instant employee checks
  • SDC categorisation - Simple status questionnaire for employees to quickly identify the level of SDC on individual assignments.
  • Dedicated compliance advisors – We’re just on the other end of the phone if you need to talk through any sticky issues.
Invoice turnaround (on average)
WhatsApp average resolution time
Outsourced Payroll turnaround
Recruitment agencies supported with compliance
3 day
turnaround for compliance checks