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Knowing whether a role sits inside or outside IR35 isn’t often as black and white as it should be. This service offers guidance as well as quick and easy IR35 checks to give definitive answers, underpinned by market leading insurance to eliminate all risk to your business.

Benefits of Bar2 IR35 assessments

Our project team will work with your project lead to collaboratively assess your current contracts, job roles and working conditions.

  • Free, 2-week IR35 managed service
  • Complete supply chain review
  • Individual status determination within minutes 
  • Direct contractor engagement on your behalf
  • Question and dispute management
  • Contractor management for those deemed inside and outside IR35
  • Backed by insurance
  • Proof of IR35 due diligence
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What makes Bar2 IR35 different

  • Innovative service and assessment tools - Providing self-service access for contractors.
  • Status dashboard - Track assessment progress.
  • Scenario calculators – Ensures costs remain neutral to client and contractor.
  • White labelled communication – Templated IR35 documentation for proof of due diligence.
  • Overall workforce analysis and reporting – With alerts to financial or contractual risks.

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Contractor payroll

Hiring contractors can be complex, by utilising our contractor payroll service, our team will support both yourself and your latest placement; with general advice, onboarding, payment, compliance and legislative services. That’s a fair few things you don’t have to worry about anymore. 

Contractor payroll

Outsourced payroll

Payroll is probably the single most important task for any business, it’s why we all go to work after all. But ensuring it’s correct, on time and by the book is no mean feat, and it’s also rarely where your own time is best spent. Our outsourced payroll solutions take care of the whole process for you.

Outsourced payroll