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Bar2064 reports the required Gender Pay Gap data as of the “Snapshot Date” 5th April 2021

The report

2. Mean (average) gender pay gap using hourly pay


Average Hourly Pay




11.77 (Average gender
pay gap -16.1%)

On average men are paid 16.11% less than woman.

3. Median gender pay gap using hourly pay

Median Gender pay gap



On average, men are paid less 12.68% than woman


Supporting statement

This gender pay gap, which appears to favour female employees, masks the fact that our male and female employees work in distinct sectors and that, on average, female employees are engaged in occupations which command higher hourly rates of pay simply by reference to the skills, experience and qualifications required in those occupations. In other words, the occupations of male and female members of staff are not directly comparable.

While male members of staff are predominantly engaged in construction operations, including site labour, mates and other trades, the female members of staff are engaged in health and social care, nursing, office administration and consulting positions.

We can confirm that this information is accurate and complete according to the relevant legislation

KJ Taylor