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Bar 2 recognises that employment status and tax can be complicated. Our experienced team are experts in guiding contractors through the process; ensuring that you are engaged in the most appropriate and beneficial manner for your current assignment. As a self-employed contractor, you will always be engaged on a contract for service, however there are a number of ways in which you could be taxed. One of our qualified team members will ensure that you are on the correct tax method for your current assignment.

We ensure that you maintain your self-employed status whilst protecting the benefits that come with this.

If you believe that you would like to provide your services as a self-employed, our team will undertake the relevant questionnaires with both yourself and your client, in order to determine which method is applicable for you and ultimately ensure that there are no hidden surprises!

Depending on the sector that you supply your services to, we may have to apply a percentage deduction to your income and remit that to HMRC.

All services supplied to the construction industry are subject to their own tax treatment. If you are not supplying services to the construction industry, you will be responsible for paying your tax to HMRC when it is due.

Irrespective of the sector with which you supply your services to, if you are subject to a material level of Supervision, Direction or Control (SDC), your income will have to be subject to PAYE.

Our Tax Services

Here at Bar2, we understand that your priority is concentrating on your current project, and that a quick registration process that allows you peace of mind is key. That’s why, we’ve not only designed our systems to have the ability to verify your tax status in a matter of minutes, but we continue to support all of our customers past registration, by handling all of your future day to day admin.

By handing us the ropes, we give you peace of mind.

How it works

  1. Your agency place you on a temporary assignment with your end client
  2. Bar2 does a categorisation test to check you can be self-employed
  3. You submit your hours and expenses (if eligible)
  4. Bar2 will raise an invoice to your agency
  5. Your Client sends payment to us
  6. Your payment Is processed In the most tax efficient way
  7. Payments is sent to your bank account
  8. Text Message and Payment Advice sent

What Bar2 offer

  1. Contractor Portal to hold remittances
  2. Dedicated tax team
  3. Use with multiple clients
  4. Raising of invoices
  5. Multi-lingual support staff
  6. Text Message Confirmation
  7. Experience & qualified customer support team
  8. Business insurances included

Our specialist Employed Service team are here to guide you through seamlessly through the payroll process. Find out more about who will be lending you a hand when it comes to setting up