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Emma Wheaton

Head of Onboarding

Hi, I’m Emma and I’ve been on the Bar2 team for nearly 4 years! I am our Head of Onboarding and think the best thing about working at Bar2 is being able to chat and have a laugh with our contractors!

My favourite place in the world would have to be the Maldives as it’s nothing like I have ever experienced before. Snorkelling in the open ocean, seeing the turtles and little nemo's was amazing! If I could have a superpower, it would be to teleport so I can go back to Maldives and not be stuck in a tin can for nearly 14 hours!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Bridal Make-up artist when I grew up, however after completing my NVQ3 and coming out of college, I honestly fell out of love with it. The words I like to live by are “Have fun, live life to the fullest and don’t have regrets!"