Below are some of the most frequently asked questions put to Bar 2:

How much does your service cost

Our service costs 4.5% of your gross invoice value and is part of the overall charge for your services.  It is capped at a gross amount of £25 per week.

Do you find work for me

No, Bar 2 provides services to the agency market and you should maintain contact with your preferred agencies who will advise you what work is available.

What information do you send me about my payments

Each week we send you a pay slip or tax voucher depending on which method of engagement is suitable for your situation, detailing the amount we received from your agency broken doewn to the amount of money sent to your account.


Who do I work for

If you are self-employed you work for yourself but you may be engaged through Bar 2064 Limited.

Will I be a director of the Bar 2 company

No, you will either be an employee of a Bar 2 company or a sef-employed contractor but not a Director. With us you never incur any onerous obligations which you might if you were a Director unless you specifically request to use your own service company.

How do I get paid

Bar 2 pays cleared funds by electronic transfer on a Friday directly into your nominated bank account. We also send you a text message when payment has been made, although you should be aware the funds may arrive later than our text.