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With vast experience within the UK’s temporary labour market, we understand that so much more goes into ensuring your labour supply is paid accurately and on time There’s a mass of legislation to consider that makes engaging temporary workers fraught with risk; so we place ourselves as experts in the field, offering a unique services that go further than just payroll.


HMRC are shifting focus onto monitoring supply chains as they continue to find non-compliance, illegal working practices and fraud across multiple business sectors. Our range of services ensure that you can demonstrate your due care and not incur any undue financial risk. 

Bar2 offer support with

  • HMRC are continuing to find non-compliance, illegal working practices and fraud in labour supply chains and is consequently the focus of many of their new compliance related visits. We can assist you in ensuring your supply of labour is legitimate, protecting your flexible workforce and safeguarding your business from any undue financial risk.

  • In 2017, the Criminal Finance Act came into effect, which ultimately made businesses responsible for tax evasion across both their business and others within their direct supply chain. Bar2 exhaustively vet our supply chain in order to ensure confidence that both ourselves and our clients are safe from potential penalties, disqualifications and debarment from public procurement processes.

  • Bar2 are consistently updating our strategies when it comes to ensuring Human Rights Due Diligence. We use intelligent software to monitor the legitimacy of documents and identification, as well as a clever alert system which notifies our teams of suspicious activity such as multiple employees living in the same residence or receiving funds into the same bank account. We offer a service to overview and give recommendation in regard to ensuring a robust supply chain.

  • The result of illegal working leaves people vulnerable to exploitation and results in dishonest employers undercutting compliant businesses. By utilising our state-of-the-art technology, we can make the necessary employee checks to allow you to flexibly work and not spend precious time with face-to-face inspections.

  • Producing a key information document for contractors can be time consuming and challenging for those outside of payroll. Our software is designed to quickly build contractor and assignment-specific key information documents in order to aid you with this statutory requirement. Systems like this will release you of time-consuming red tape and enable you to focus on placing people in work.

  • SDC categorisation can be a little confusing. Bar2 have therefore established a simple SDC status questionnaire for your workers, that is designed to quickly identify the level of SDC on each of their individual assignments. Once completed, we can confidently select the suitable contract for that assignment and maintain the highest levels of compliance.

  • Take the stress out of payday. Bar2’s outsourced payroll service enables your temporary workforce to be employed directly by you. By trusting our skilled team with your pension deductions and HMRC reporting duties, we will relieve you of administrative-heavy tasks and guarantee a smooth, pain-free payroll service.

Contractor Engagement

We recognise that the recruitment process goes much further than just finding the right person for the job.  By utilising our contractor engagement service, our team will support both yourself and your latest placement before, during and after their assignment, with general advice, compliance and legislative services, and payroll. We will ensure your contractors are paid legitimately and on time. 


IR35 may have been delayed until April 2021, but it still remains a pressing issue that could catch any business unprepared. Bar2 offer an innovative service, backed by insurance, to carry out all of your status determination and allow you to fully comply with your obligations, risk free.

IR35 - Bar2 Support

Outsourced payroll

Take the stress out of payday. Bar2’s outsourced payroll service enables your temporary workforce to be employed directly by us. By trusting our skilled team with your employment deductions and HMRC reporting duties, we will relieve you of administrative-heavy tasks and guarantee a smooth, pain-free payroll service.

Bar2 PAYE+

Our SMART philosophy underpins everything we do

The Bar2 SMART philosophy underpins everything our team does. We support our staff, temps and customers, whilst ensuring we are innovative in our approach. We’re passionate about what we do and are committed to providing a reliable and transparent service.

Water-tight compliance and legislative support for agencies, end user clients and contractors is both invaluable and essential in ensuring a slick and pain-free service. Our specialist teams are here to simplify the process for you, find out more about who you will be working with: 

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