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Welcome to your Service Delivery Team! These guys are your go-to for any queries or support whilst working with us. They are all specialists in their positions so feel free to use these handy introductions to find out who is best to support you!

Steve North

Business Development Manager

Steve will no doubt be the first person you meet at Bar2 and will begin your journey with us with a face-to-face (or virtual!) meeting. His goal is to make sure you know the ins and outs of how we operate and what amazing services we offer our loyal clients.

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Emma Wheaton

Account Manager 

Emma will be your main point of contact within the Service Delivery Team. She will be your go-to for any new referrals, queries or comments that you may have and will always be on hand to point you in the right direction should you want to chat to any other members of the team.

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Emma Gardner 

Customer Service Advisor 

When it comes to onboarding your valued contractors, Emmaa is your expert. She guides each and every contractor through the registration process and ensures that all documentation is completed smoothly, correctly and on time.

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Zeenie Jandu

Payroll Team Lead

Zeenie is responsible for seeing through accurate contractor payrolls as well as making sure that all your invoices are promptly prepared. If you have any payroll queries related to your business, Zeenie will be able to assist.

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