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Siddika Begum

Payroll Assistant

Hi, I’m Siddika and my nickname is Sidds. I graduated with a 1st in Accounting and Finance from the University of Hertfordshire and love working with numbers!

The best thing about working at Bar2 is the friendly and welcoming team. Even though I started my role working from home, I feel like I can still talk to everyone and they are all ready to help and support me on my new journey.

My favourite place in the world is Bangladesh as my grandparents are from there and I love visiting and exploring the beautiful country with them! If I could have any superpower it would be to teleport wherever I like within the click of a finger- it's like flying but within seconds!

The person I’d most like to meet is Ryan Reynolds as I love his movies and he is just as funny in real life. An interesting fact about me is that I never leave the house without my phone and one of my lipsticks as who knows when you'll need a top up!

The words I like to live by are "What’s meant for you will reach you, even if it’s beneath two mountains".