How do I join a Bar 2 company?

The process is very simple. Complete an application form and send it to us - we will complete the registration process. It will be necessary to sign an employment contract and if CIS a Contract for Services and status questionnaire but these are all very simple and should not delay payment.

How much does your service cost?

Our service costs 4.5% of your gross, the minimum net charge is £11.80 and the maximum net charge is £20.

How do I get paid?

Bar 2 pays cleared funds by electronic transfer on a Friday directly into your nominated bank account. We also send you a text message when payment has been made, although you should be aware the funds may arrive later than our text.

How do you know how much to pay me?

Having agreed with your agency that we can supply you, we make arrangements with them about how we advise them of our charges. Some agencies prefer us to invoice in advance, others work it out and advise us, it depends which method is easier for each agency.

What expenses can I claim?

There are a number of employment related expenses that you can and should claim, as these help to improve your take home pay. To see which expenses you can claim see the relevant insert in this pack.

How do I claim expenses?

Call us to set up an online account where you can submit claims 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.



Why do I have to claim expenses?

You don't have to claim expenses, and in fact, if you don't incur any you won't be able to claim anything.

What information do you send me about my payments?

Each week we send you a pay slip, detailing your wages, income tax and national insurance. We also send you a tax voucher which details any deductions made and all the other elements you need to know, including how much we charged your agency for your services. We also send you a blank expenses claim form for the following week. At the end of the tax year we send you a P60, which details the taxed elements of your payments.

Do I receive holiday pay?

If you are employed by a Bar 2 Umbrella you will receive holiday pay. Through CIS Direct there is no holiday pay as you are genuinely self employed.

Who do I work for?

Through the Umbrella you will be an employee of a Bar 2 company. During the registration process you will have completed our employment contract. Through CIS Direct you are a self employed contractor.

Do you find work for me?

No, Bar 2 provides services to the agency market and you should maintain contact with your preferred agencies who will advise you what work is available.

What does "substitution" mean?

The Contract for Services that you will sign contains a clause which enables you to send a substitute. That right is unfettered but of course is subject to the substitute having the required level of skill and experience to act as your substitute. In the event that you do wish to offer a substitute please contact us immediately. In the event that you do provide a substitute, payment will be made to you and you will be responsible for paying the substitute worker.

Is it difficult to get a mortgage if I work for Bar 2?

It is no more difficult than if you were an employee of any other company. We have made arrangements with independent financial advisors who understand how Bar 2 works and who can assist with this process.

Will I be a director of the Bar 2 company?

No, you will be an employee of a Bar 2 company but not a Director (Umbrella only). With us you never incur any onerous obligations which you might if you were a Director.