What is a good Umbrella Company?

A good Umbrella Company will make clear to you that you are an employee and explain the nature of the Overarching Contract of employment, a kind of contract that doesn't end when your current assignment ends.  Part of your job will be to find work for the Umbrella Company, as well as your usual day to day services of whatever skill you have.

You will have a right to Statutory Sick, paternity or maternity pay, access to a stakeholder pension scheme and from October 2012 (depending on the size of the Umbrella Company) access to a company pension scheme.

You should be able to request information on grievance and disciplinary procedures, which should come in the form of an employee handbook that you can use as a reference tool.

As a professional individual you should be covered by the Umbrella Company Professional Indemnity Insurance, as well as the more usual insurances such as Employers and Public Liability Insurance.