Construction Industry Scheme - CIS

Bar 2 CIS will probably be the right option for you if you are working in the construction industry and are genuinely self-employed under the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme). Working in this way enables you to retain the financial advantages of being self-employed (for example reduced NI contributions) and also allows you the opportunity to offset legitimate business-related expenses against your tax liability at the end of each tax year via your Self-Assessment tax return. The added advantage of being paid through Bar 2 CIS is that you may be able to work on assignments for companies who will not contract with you directly on a sole trader basis.

In order to be paid through Bar 2 CIS, you must be genuinely self-employed and in business on your own account; registered with the HM Revenue & Customs CIS scheme; and have been issued with a unique tax reference number (UTR). In addition, it is essential that you complete and pass our status questionnaire in order to verify genuine self-employment. The fact that you have been issued with a UTR does not in itself verify self-employment. Your response to our status questionnaire determines whether or not you can be paid through CIS.


A feature of self employment is that you, as a self employed construction worker in business on your own account, have a contractual right to provide a substitute. In other words, you are not contracting personally but as a business, with Bar 2064 being your customer or client. You are free to subcontract any work offered to you or arrange additional labour at your cost to complete that work. In the event that you wish to provide a substitute then please contact us. The right to provide a substitute is unfettered but subject only to relevant skills and experience, health and safety issues on site and relevant insurances.

Our CIS service includes;

  • An immediate registration process [subject to the necessary contract for services shortly thereafter]
  • Unlimited support from our Customer Services team
  • Taking care of all contractual and invoicing procedures with your agency
  • Reduced paperwork for yourself
  • Free text message notification of all payments made
  • Verification of your CIS tax status
  • All payments are processed and cleared in your account on the same day they are received from your agency
  • Discounted public liability insurance for contractors who do not already have cover in place