Self Employment in Construction

If you are thinking of starting up in business on your own account there is a very good guide to what you need to consider at the website

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) require the organisation that pays the person who carries out the work to decide whether the person is self employed or is actually engaged on an employment basis.  The government want to classify as many people as possible as "employed" as they collect more tax from this method of engagement.

If you are working in construction Bar 2 have devised a simple questionnaire that will allow us to decide whether you are genuinely self employed and in business on your own account.  In order to be engaged in this way it is not enough to simply be registered with the construction industry scheme.  If you would like to register with Bar 2 in this way please complete the questionnaire by clicking here.

You can register as a self employed sole trader under the construction industry scheme (CIS) by clicking here.  You will need your UTR number, if you do not have it you should contact your local tax office, you can use this page to find out where your tax office is.

 If you would rather register over the phone you can call the CIS helpline on 0845 366 7899.