Personal Accident Insurance

Many of our employees work in environments where accidents happen. The nature of an accident is that is unplanned and can have very serious effects on you and your family. We therefore provide an accident insurance scheme which you will automatically be added to. You may, if you wish, opt out of this scheme but if you do, you will have no entitlement to the benefits set out below. We strongly suggest that you do not opt out. For a net cost of 32 pence per day (less than the cost of a newspaper), not only are you covered for death or serious accidents, in the event that you are off work as a result of an accident the policy does provide for income replacement. If you do wish to opt out you must do so in writing to: Bar 2 Limited, Unit 4 Century Court, Moor Park Industrial Estate, Tolpits Lane, Watford WD18 9RS and we will remove you from cover in the next pay week.

The cost of the insurance cover has a net cost of just £1.60 per week and is deducted automatically from your earnings if you elect to take the cover.

A summary of the benefits and cover is detailed below:

  1. Death                                                                        £60,000
  2. Loss of both eyes, both limbs or one of each                  £60,000
  3. Loss of one eye or one limb                                          £60,000
  4. Loss of hearing / speech                                              £60,000
  5. Loss of hearing in one ear                                            £12,500
  6. Permanent Total Disablement*                                       £60,000
  7. Permanent Partial Disablement                                      As per schedule
  8. Temporary Total Disablement*                                       £500 per week or 60% of gross weekly wage whichever is less (for contract  period or 52 weeks whichever is the lesser)
    *Benefit to be payable if the insured is prevented from engaging in any and every occupation, subject to a waiting period of 28 days.

Aggregate limit per life of £60,000

Operative time:

24 hours a day, Worldwide.


Benefit h) - 14 days

Permanent Partial Disablement Benefits:                % of Capital Sum Insured

  • Permanent loss of hearing in both ears                       100%
  • Permanent loss of hearing in one ear                          25%
  • Permanent loss of speech                                         100%
  • Permanent loss of or loss of use of
    • one thumb                                                      30%
    • one index finger                                              20%
    • any other finger                                              10%
    • one big toe                                                     15%
    • any other toe                                                   5%
  • Permanent loss of use of
    • one shoulder /elbow                                        25%
    • wrist knee hip or ankle                                     20%
    • lower jaw by surgey                                         30%

Additional Benefits:

  • Funeral expenses                                 £5,000
  • Hospitalisation                                     £50 per day for max 356 days
  • Hospitals Transfers                               > 10 miles from home £2,500
  • Coma                                                 £350 per week, up to 104 weeks
  • Electrocution                                       Sum Insured plus 75%
  • Medical Expenses                                 20% of SI in addition.

Main Exclusions:

  • Losses arising as a result of persons:
  • Attempting/committing suicide and intentional self injury.
  • Flying other than as a passanger and engagement in hazardous pursuits.
  • Persons in the armed forces.
  • Expenses incurred after the expiry of the period of insurance when the insured person attains the age of 75.
  • War or civil war in the UK or employee's permanent country of residence or losses arising in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, or Chechnya.
  • Sickness or disease unless arising out of accidential bodily injury.
  • Any naturally occurring condition of degenerative process or gradually operating cause.


For full details of policy terms, conditions and excesses, please refer to the policy documents.

How to make a claim:

In the event of a claim, or should you have any general queries, please contact Paul Trainor or Anna St John at:

Professional Insurance Advisers Limited
4 Norfolk Court
Norfolk Road

Tel. 01923 714966
Fax. 01923 714969