Sending Workers Overseas

If you have a contract to supply staff overseas, the Bar 2 Umbrella Company can employ the workers you find and take on the often complicated rules regarding the taxation of employees abroad.  Whether you are sending workers within Europe or anywhere in the world, Bar 2 will find out what the employer is required to do and what the individual employee needs to know.

Well versed in the double taxation agreements of various countries, Bar 2 understands that usually workers can remain on a uk payroll (and taxed in the UK) for at least six months but often for longer periods.

After such time as the worker becomes "tax resident" they can still remain on a uk payroll but must pay tax on earnings made from work done in their country of (tax) residence.

Bar 2 has experience of dealing with the tax authorities of various countries but it is essential that we are advised before you embark on sending workers to overseas territories.  You can do this by email by clicking here or call us on 0845 838 1641.  As the employer of the Umbrella worker we have a duty to inform any employee of their potential tax liability, the requirement to obtain valid v1 forms before they embark on the contract and the need to register with the authorities of the new country.