AWR Monitoring

Keeping tabs on the workers potentially affected by Agency Workers Regulations causes a major administrative headache; is difficult to keep up to date; and can take up a lot of your valuable time - time which could be better spent concentrating on servicing your clients and identifying new business opportunities. Bar 2 has developed a system which can provide a full AWR Monitoring facility for your agency, completely free of charge, which can ensure you remain compliant and that any risk of liability from claims can be removed entirely.

Umbrella Company AWR Monitoring

Since the end of the first 12 week qualifying period in December, we have been requesting information from all agencies who have workers using the Bar 2 Umbrella and have requested full AWR comparator information, in order that we can ensure total compliance. The reality is though, that only a small percentage of agencies are actually responding to our requests; and many of the responses provided do not take into account the full scope of benefits governed by AWR such as holiday pay; performance bonuses; and overtime rates.

No response from an agency, or an incomplete response, means that an agency puts themselves in danger of claims being raised under AWR. With fines of £5,000 for avoidance, plus additional compensation for losses incurred, the costs for the agency can soon mount up and as well as the reputational damage that may result, the financial penalties involved would certainly be unwelcomed in the current economic climate.

Bar 2 though has the answer for you. With a degree of co-operation by responding fully, accurately and promptly to our requests for information, we can assist you in ensuring you remain compliant and offer you protection from claims, or at the very least, alert you to a potential issue before it becomes critical.

In order to benefit from our AWR Monitoring service, we will need the following information with every new contract notification we receive;

  • Name of the contractor
  • Start date of the assignment
  • Assignment name (If you wish to retain total confidentiality then a unique site-specific code will suffice)
  • The agreed rate(s) of pay applicable to the site

Providing this information means that we can monitor AWR liabilities totally on your behalf. If, after a period of around 10 weeks, it appears that someone is on the point of qualifying for AWR rights, we will then send a second email which will request confirmation of;

  • PAYE comparator rates for the role in question
  • Holiday entitlement of PAYE comparators
  • Any bonus / commissions / overtime rates of PAYE comparators

and we will then be able to confirm compliance, or address any potential breach before it becomes an issue and then take any steps necessary to address the situation.

Leaving AWR Monitoring to Bar 2 can ensure that all of your contract workers remain totally compliant with the legislation. We will do all the necessary work to keep you free from liability, and all we need from you as an agency is co-operation in providing the details requested. We make no charge for this service so leaving it to us could be the best money you've never spent. Contact us now to arrange a face-to-face meeting to take advantage of this facility and ensure your risk is totally mitigated.