About Us

Since the introduction of the Managed Service Company legislation back in April 2007, the Umbrella Companies have offered temporary workers permanent employment utilizing an "Overarching Employment Contract" which complies fully with all current legislation and makes all appropriate tax and national insurance deductions from the individual's payment at source.

The Umbrella Companies work with hundreds of agencies across the length and breadth of the UK covering all sectors of industry including; construction, medical and logistics and we are pleased to work closely with some of the UK's leading agencies within those sectors.

The Operating Companies run a full service five days a week, and with most payments made by the new faster payment system, we can transfer funds into an employee's account within a matter of minutes - even if timesheets have been submitted late or have been missed in error. Our systems are highly flexible and we will do everything possible to accommodate any processes or systems that your agency uses to make life as simple as possible for you.

Bar 2064 Limited is a Construction Services business engaging genuinely self employed construction contractors under a "Contract for Services". Bar 2064 operates the same level of service as the two umbrella companies

If you are interested in using any of these services, please contact Arron Phillips (Business Development Manager) to arrange an introductory meeting on 07852 987 646.